questions parents ask

Can My child start lessons before Age 7?

It is important to position each child for success from the very beginning of his music education journey. For this reason, we do not start children on the piano until age 7, since children younger than 7 are not physically developed enough to build the correct physical habits necessary for success at the keyboard. However, because beginning music education as early as possible is vital for a child to achieve a high level of music acquisition, Mukwonago Music Academy is beginning a sequence of classes to be started as early as the infant age. In January 2019, Tiny Musicians is launching for children 0-24 months. We plan to launch the next levels of pre-instrument music study in the coming days.

What if I have no musical Background?

Parents do not need musical background in order to help their children succeed in music education. Many parents find it an exciting journey to learn along with their children, especially during the early stages of a child’s development.

What is my role in the musical success of my child?

Parents are extremely important to the musical success of their child. Parents should be their child’s biggest cheerleader! Every child will hit a wall in their music education where learning becomes “too hard,” and parents should be ready to be determined for their child when the child loses his own determination. Parents can greatly aid their child’s success by learning what correct practicing sounds like. Ask the child’s teacher for help knowing what to listen for, and the parent-child-teacher team will become unstoppable!

How much does my child have to practice?

At Mukwonago Music Academy, we are less interested in quantity of practice than we are in quality of practice. Our emphasis is on correct practicing rather than putting in a certain amount of time each day. However, a student who wants to succeed will commit to practicing at least five days a week. The more time of correct practicing a child puts in, the faster he will progress on the road to success!

How old is too old for a child to start lessons?

Children will benefit most from lessons if started at an early age. However, children will benefit from lessons no matter how old. Study of a musical instrument teaches important life lessons and skills, so even if a child is past the age where instrument mastery is likely, they can still gain skills they will enjoy while adding depth to their overall life experience.